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phone/SMS:   +33611 640 469


You call and we deliver for free whithin a radius of 20km of SAINT REMY DE PROVENCE  


  • Civil liability: ALLIANZ 49573179
  • The rent must be paid at the signature of the contract
  • All domaging or robbery will be payable by the customer
  • Guarantee of 250 euros ( credit card number on the contract)
  • TELECYCLE comits itself to repair in care the bike break down
  • TELECYCLE has the number 308229640 00054 at the trade register
  • The delivery is free in a range of 20km of St Rémy de Provence and for 29euros minimum
Article 1: Purpose of contract This contract outlines the terms and conditions for hiring bikes from Télécycles Location. Throughout the remainder of the contract the contract holder will be referred to as “the user”.

Article 2: Criteria to meet in order to hire a bike, The bike user declares that he/she is capable of using a bike and has no medical conditions which prevent him/her from cycling. All personsunder the age of 18 years must provide a letter of authorisation signed by their parent or guardian allowing them to hire and use a bike. The hirer cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by the incapacity of the user. For all bike rentals, a cheque or credit/ debit card is required to pay the deposit (equal to the market value of the bike) which will be refunded to the user following the return and inspection of the rented bike. The deposit guarantees the safe return of the bike including costs for repairs, cleaning and replacements. Télécycles Location reserves the right to retain the deposit in case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions stated in thecontract.

Article 3: User’s responsibilities The user must return the bike in the same condition in which it was rented. The user agrees to verify that the bike is in good working order and that the bike equipment is in accordance with his/ her requirements. The user may not sublet the equipment to a third party. The user is the only person liable for any damage caused to equipment during rental. The user verifies that the rented equipment is in perfect working condition and agrees to use the equipment with care and not exceed the limits of its capability. The user agrees to follow the safety instructions communicated to them by the hirer, to use the rented bike under normal conditions and to transport no person or object exceeding 25 kg on the bike rack. The user agrees to return the bike in its original condition on the date(s) agreed in the contract. The user agrees to comply with the regulations of the Highway Code. If the user fails to abide by all applicable laws and
regulations during rental, the Télécycles Location hirer can under no circumstances be held liable. The user agrees to make every effort to prevent the loss, theft or damage of the rented bike.

Article 4: Insurance Télécycles Location covers the cost of repair or replacement of parts in so far as they reflect the normal wear and tear of the equipment. The user is responsible for any charges resulting from the theft or loss of equipment, fire and water damage and any intentional damage to bike equipment. The user is also responsible for non-compliance with basic rules relating to the use of equipment and road safety regulations, the transportation of equipment towards its place of use, any gross negligence (improper stowage, improper use etc.) and the loss of accessories and/or equipment. As soon as the equipment is handed over to the user, he/she is liable for any material damage and/or personal injury to third parties caused by using the equipment. The user must have civil liability insurance which covers the hirer for any liability resulting from the use of the rented equipment, including accidents and damage caused to third parties as a result of using the rented bike. In case of damage or theft of rented equipment, if the receiving party is insured against these risks, it is their responsibility to contact their insurer and pay the amount of compensation they receive to the hirer at the risk of being prosecuted for fraud.

Article 5: Charges In case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the rental
agreement stated above, or in case of damage to rented equipment, the user will be invoiced for the following: charges for the cost of a new bike in case of failure to return the rented bike; charges for the total sum of repair costs resulting from damage or missing parts; charges for late returns (see article 4). A receipt will be sent to the user upon request once the payment has been received.

Article 6: Only the Tribunal de Commerce de Tarascon has the authority to
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